La nostra storia

Coppi wines history is ancient, a story of a family, now to its second generation.

It all begins in far 1882. This is the historical cellar’s birth date, thanks to an Apulian wine expert. In late 66s the oenologist Antonio Coppi used to work in the cellar, with the enthusiasm and the dedication of a young man, who was fond of his work and of that world made of earth and must scents.

Coppi wines owe their birth and their history to him, who bought the cellar  in 1979. Since then he considered as the mission of his life to give dignity and prestige to the Apulian wine production. It was still little known and in many ways mistreated, snubbed by the rest of the Italian wine “mainstream” at that time.

Those are the years of hard working, of steadiness and sacrifices, and of a farsightedness which step by step gains its aim.

When in the early 90 the wine firms in Apulia could be counted on the fingers of one hand and the Apulian wines were considered as third-rate, that’’s how the oenologist Antonio Coppi purchases a bottling chain for the Coppi wines.

Antonio Coppi’s passion and wine knowledge is soon given, in a very natural way, to his children Lisia, Miriam and Doni.

That’s because the love for wine is first of all love for a land and a visceral bond to it, to that piece of Apulia where a whole family is born and grown-up .

Living in synchrony with seasons and earth cycles, between the vineyards’ scents and in the exciting atmosphere of the grape harvest, has been an essential component of the Coppi brothers’ childhood and youth, because just by daily breathing this clime, the new season of the cellar has begun.

Today Coppi wines are known in all over the world. Antonio and his children’s steadiness and perseverance have allowed this mark to become synonym of quality while talking about Apulian wines. And above all they have activated a process of rediscovery of the area and of regard of his products.

Coppi wines are the pride of the Apulia wine production. Wines such the Primitivo or the Negroamaro are today recognized for their prestige and their quality, and represent an important business card for the whole Italian wine and food production.

An ancient history then, that of Coppi wines, but also a story which goes on, into innovation and advanced technological research, with a new chapter in which passion, tradition and innovation join for a successful project which draws his achievements from a dream started more than 100 years ago.